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DJI Dock **Contact Adelaide Micro Drones (DJI Enterprise Dealer) For a Price**

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Through user feedback and research, DJI identified the current issues most organizations face when trying to scale up their RPAS operations. These factors include labor cost of pilot teams and the high intensity of training and skilling required for each pilot. These have the potential to reduce the cost benefits of implementing RPAS equipment into daily operations.

To overcome these challenges, DJI has innovated yet again with the DJI Dock. This essentially now enables remote and autonomous drone deployment in conjunction with Flight Hub 2. The entire process of taking off, landing and charging is now all handled by the DJI Dock, therefore reducing the need for pilots to be on site and to have continuous operations beyond typical working hours.

Contact Adelaide Micro Drones, DJI Enterprise Specialist

Look no further than Adelaide Micro Drones, Enterprise Dealer who are proudly South Australia’s leading and most trusted DJI Enterprise Dealer. Our team will take you through everything you need to know about the DJI Dock from the product itself to understanding how to integrate the product as a full turnkey solution. With our key partners, including Aviassit & AVCRM, our team will ensure your implementation is CASA compliant with appropriate BVLOS approvals.

Key Specifications

▪ Integrated & Easy to Deploy

▪ Cloud Management

▪ 7KM Operation Radius

 -35℃ to 50℃ Operating Temperature

 Open Edge Computing

▪ Work Smarter With Automation

See it in action.


Safe & Reliable. 

The DJI Dock has been built with reliability in mind to ensure greater confidence when scaling and operating autonomous RPAS missions.

Day & Night
TEC Air-conditioning enables the DJI Dock to work at temperatures of -35 to 50 degrees celsius. This also means that batteries can be charged from 10-90% in just 25 minutes.

The overall protection of the dock is rated at IP55 with the core components having a rating of IP67. Furthermore, the take off and landing sequence can be done with winds up to 12 m/s.

Lightning Protection
The DJI Dock is equipped with a surge protector which can prevent 40KA induction lighting and has a maximum power input of 1500W.

Power-off Protection
The DJI Dock has a built-in backup power supply which can supply power to the dock up to 5 hours after a power failure, ensuring the drone can return safely to the dock.

Complete Cloud Control

Real-Time Awareness
Live stream in high-definition at any time to check on your DJI Dock (security camera) or your drone. This also means users are able to remote debug through FlightHub 2.

Mission Planning
Plan complex flight routes remotely through FlightHub 2. With the OcuSync 3 enterprise transmission system and a flight time of 40 minutes, the M30 can effectively cover up to a 7km radius of the dock.

Flight Plan Management
Edit, manage, and push flight routes to your DJI Docks and keep track of flight progress and results.Whilst planning the routes, there will be a preview of camera FPV on the 2.5D Map.

Media Management and Storage
Review the geo-tagged pictures, videos, maps, and panoramas collected by your drones. Data collected by your drones can be automatically uploaded and stored for later use

One-Stop Operation & Maintenance
Monitor the health and status of your DJI Docks and drones, all remotely from the cloud.

Simplicity is key

The DJI Dock is an all-in-one design that includes a surveillance camera, weather station, built-in transmission antennas, RTK modules, 4G Dongle Slot and an edge computing expansion slot.

Each Dock has a weight of 105 kg with less than 1m^2 of space being needed for operations.

Unfolded Dimensions: L: 1675mm W: 885mm H: 735mm

Folded Dimensions: L: 800mm W: 885mm H:1065mm
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