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DJI FlyCart 30 Max Payload 40kg with 16km Range *Contact Adelaide Micro Drones For a Quote*

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Deliver the goods with DJI FlyCart 30, a game-changing new RPAS delivery solution that redefines delivery and transportation. DJI FlyCart 30 eliminates the traditional limitations of land-based transportation with a safe, efficient, and economical alternative that’s easy to deploy and intuitive to operate.

FlyCart 30 can be configured to meet your needs with multiple operating modes and a slew of user-optimised features including dual controller support, RTK positioning, advanced safety management and extended transmission range. No matter what you deliver, do it with FlyCart 30.

Key Features

▪ Supports multiple flight configurations with a 40 kg max payload

 16 KM max flight distance with a full payload

▪ Advanced flight safety with Intelligent Obstacle Sensing, Multi-Level Redundancy and Landing Protection

▪ Extended 20 KM video transmission range with DJI O3

 Cargo Mode: Deliver payloads of up to 40 kg

 Winch Mode: Execute precise delivers with a 20m cable winch

 IP55 Ingress Protection for flight in rain or shine

▪ Flexible, intuitive flight controls with the DJI RC Plus controller

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Product Details

Designed to Deliver

Representing the culmination of countless industry-leading technologies, the DJI FlyCart 30 reimagines aerial delivery with a versatile, powerful delivery solution in a portable, foldable form factor.

FlyCart 30 sports a maximum payload capacity of 40 kg with a single battery and can fly up to 16 km with a full payload, making it suitable for countless delivery applications.

Carry Your Cargo

One of two operating modes, Cargo Mode is designed to facilitate aerial deliveries to hard-to-reach locales.

FlyCart’s large attachable EPP cargo case features a 70 L capacity, ideal for cargo of different shapes and sizes. With cargo mode engaged, FC30 supports a 30 kg maximum payload with dual batteries and an increased 40 kg payload support with a single battery.

Winch It Up

Deploy the FlyCart 30 Winch System to deliver winched cargo via a retractable 20m cable. Control the cable retraction manually or use intelligent automatic delivery and detachment for maximum safety.

Winch Mode is ideal for delivering larger and awkwardly-shaped payloads including solar panels, equipment and more.

Fly in Rain or Shine

FlyCart 30 is built to perform, whether rain or shine. With an operating temperature of -20° to 45° C and maximum wind resistance of 12 m/s, FlyCart 30 can handle practically anything the weather throws at it.

Plus, an IP55 protection rationing ensures that FlyCart remains fully functional, even in the rain.

Far Away Flying

DJI FlyCart 30 features a best-in-class maximum video transmission range of 20 km. Powered by the DJI O3 video transmission protocol, FC30 achieves stable long-range transmission with a four-antenna transceiver system that can be further supported with the DJI Cellular Dongle.

FlyCart supports a maximum flight distance of 28 km using dual batteries with a cruising speed of 15 m/s. Dual Operator Mode facilitates secure handover of controls for extended range missions.

Superior Safety

With Front and Rear Phased Array Radars in addition to a dual Binocular Vision System, FlyCart 30 can detect obstacles from multiple directions to maintain safe flight.

Reliable Redundancies
FC30 sports countless redundancy system with dual IMUs, barometers and batteries. Plus, a built-in parachute that deploys in emergency scenarios for safe landings.

  • Matrice 350 RTK - DJI RC Plus | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Store Australia


Control FlyCart 30 with the DJI RC Plus, a powerful controller featuring a 7” high-bright screen, 6 hour battery life and IP54 protection.

With Dual Operator Mode controls can be seamlessly be handed off from one controller to another when needed.

It’s the best drone controller in the business, and fully optimised for FlyCart.

Superb Software

DJI Pilot 2
DJI Pilot 2 provides operators with key information, real-time status reporting and in-depth, intelligent flight controls for a smooth user experience with each flight.

DJI DeliveryHub
The new DJI DeliverHub software integrates seamlessly with FlyCart as an all-in-one delivery management platform. DeliveryHub facilitates centralised planning, status monitoring and resource management to ensure mission success.

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