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DJI AGRAS T40 Agriculture Drone: The Ultimate Solution for Modern Farming - Available at Adelaide Micro Drones

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Elevate your farming efficiency with the DJI AGRAS T40. Experience unmatched performance in spraying, spreading, and surveying, exclusively at Adelaide Micro Drones, your premier DJI Enterprise Dealer.

Product Description


  • Introducing the DJI AGRAS T40: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Advanced Drone Technology

The DJI AGRAS T40 sets new standards in the agricultural drone industry, delivering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and software integration. As the most productive drone in DJI's AGRAS line, the T40 is an all-encompassing solution tailored for the diverse needs of modern agriculture. With features designed to streamline processes and maximize outputs, the T40 is the perfect partner for expansive farm and orchard operations, offering intuitive automations and coverage of up to 21 hectares per hour.

Key Features

  • Massive Payload Capacity: With a 40KG spraying payload and a 50KG spreading payload, the T40 surpasses all predecessors, ensuring efficiency on a large scale.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: The integration of Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision systems offers superior obstacle avoidance, enhancing operational safety.
  • Compact and Durable Design: A folding design reduces the aircraft size by 70%, coupled with IPX6K weather resistance for reliability in all conditions.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Simplified mission programming with DJI RC Plus, making advanced agricultural tasks accessible to all users.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The T40's ability to map, survey, spread, and spray with precision marks it as DJI’s most advanced agricultural drone. Saving time and resources, the drone's innovative features like fast-charging batteries and improved safety mechanisms make agricultural operations seamless and more productive.

Your Trusted Dealer

Adelaide Micro Drones stands as the leading DJI Enterprise Dealer, offering unparalleled service and support for the DJI AGRAS T40. Shop with confidence and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have taken their farming operations to the next level with Adelaide Micro Drones.

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  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Bigger and Better | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise

Bigger and Better

A next-gen drone with next-gen features, the AGRAS T40 does more than ever before and is purpose-built to cater to every stage of agricultural care.

T40 is a true heavyweight with support for spraying, spreading, surveying and more, plus it supports greater payload capacities than any AGRAS before it.

Ultra Efficient

Not only does the AGRAS T40 support a vast payload capacity, it's also the most efficient AGRAS to date.

When spraying liquids, the T40 can cover up to 21.3 hectares of farmland per hour or up to 4 hectares of orchards.

Ready to fertilise? With support for up to a 50KG payload, the T40 can spread up to 1.5 tonnes of solid particles an hour.

  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Ultra Efficient | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise
  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Ultra Efficient | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise

Optimised Atomisation

Engineered from the ground up, every component of the T40 is meticulously designed for optimal performance.

Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump
T40’s new pump features a magnetic pump that spreads up to 12L/min and disassembles quickly for cleaning.

Dual Atomised Centrifugal Sprinkler
A new dual-atomised spray disc provides even pesticide dispersion to avoid waste and environmental impact.

Fold and Go

AGRAS T40 sees the return of AGRAS’s highly-functional folding design, allowing users to quickly and conveniently pack the drone down when it's not in use. When packed down, the T40’s size is reduced by 70%, making it compact enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck.

  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Fold and Go | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise
  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Mapping and More | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise

Mapping and More

The AGRAS T40 does more than spraying, with its advanced RTK components and industry-leading processing power, AGRAS T40 harnesses the power of DJI Terra for completing mapping and surveying operations of farmland as well.

Pair it with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station to generate the most accurate real-time results.

Reliable, Flight After Flight

Prolonged exposure to the elements can have a negative impact on any agricultural equipment. That’s why the AGRAS T40 is built to last with an IPX6K rating on core drone components. The drone’s core components are all tested against varying temperatures, corrosion and ageing tests.

  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Reliable, Flight After Flight | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise
  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Energy Efficiency | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise

Energy Efficiency

AGRAS T40 is ultra-efficient and requires less energy to operate with innovative energy solutions that provide a 15% fuel saving.

T40 Intelligent Flight Battery
T40’s new Intelligent Flight Batteries fast-charge in a mere 9 minutes and are warranty covered for 1500 charging cycles.

D12000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator
The new T40 Inverter Generator sports a 30L tank that charges up to 47 batteries.


Piloting the AGRAS T40 is easy with the DJI RC Plus controller, a fully-integrated remote controller purpose-built for DJI commercial drone solutions. With its massive 7” touchscreen display, the RC Plus makes it easy to plan flight paths and review surveying data all through DJI Pilot 2.

  • DJI AGRAS T40 - DJI RC Plus | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise
  • DJI AGRAS T40 - Pair It With P4 | Best Price Guarantee at D1 Enterprise

Enterprise Ecosystem

AGRAS T40 and Phantom 4 Multispectral are best of friends and can be paired for even greater results. By using the DJI Agras Intelligent Cloud, T40 and P4 Multispectral can be used to perform variable spraying and spreading operations with prescription mapping unique to your farmland.

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