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Five33 Tiny Trainer LED ELRS *Built By AMDCrew* FPV Drone

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**Built and Tested by Adelaide Micro Drones-with all Five33 Official Parts**

Designed by 2-time DRL World Champion Evan “HeadsUp” Turner, the TinyTrainer was born from the desire to train for the DRL season in his own backyard. With painstaking attention to every detail, from the looks down to the way it feels, the Five33 Tiny Trainer kit provides all of the thrills of world-class drone racing in a pocket-sized quad! Each and every component has been chosen by Five33 for performance and reliability. This kit is designed for racing, but is a LOT of fun for freestyle too! By building a quad that could take the rigors of training by one of the best drone pilots in the world, Evan created a kit that allows anyone to get that “big league” feel and performance in any yard on Earth!

Train Anywhere
Even a world-class drone racer needs to go home in the off-season, and keeping your edge is vital to staying on the top of the leaderboard. That was the primary idea behind the TinyTrainer. Wanting to be able to train in his backyard, Evan used the DRL Racer4 as his inspiration and went TINY! The goal was to create a micro racer that had the same flight characteristics as the full-sized DRL rigs so he could train anywhere, keeping his reaction time and muscle memory sharp. There are a LOT of skilled challengers on the Drone Racing League circuit and being on top of your game is crucial to winning. The TinyTrainer is your ticket to the podium!

Not Just For Racing
Don’t let its DRL roots fool you, this quad is every bit as suited as a Freestyle BEAST! With a thrust to weight ratio like a F1 Indy car, the TinyTrainer is just as much at home at the bando as it it on the backyard track! Its small form factor make it very gap-happy – you will be hunting for even more challenging lines with every pack. The TinyTrainer will take whatever trick, gap, line, or crash, that you can throw at it and ask for more!

Five33 Tiny Trainer ELRS Built by AMD! 
*Tiny Turner 1404 4533KV V2 Plug-in Motors
*JHEMCU 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 40amp
*Nano VTX 400mW 
*Five33 Predator 5 Nano (Pre HV-Flipped)
*EP2 ELRS Receiver 
*TinySLED programmable LED Kit
*TPU Frame protectors
*Heads Up FPV Tiny Props 2mm (set of 4)

This is fully built by AMD with ELRS BNF

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