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RadioMaster Ranger Micro 2.4GHz ELRS Module Combo Pack - High Power with Cooling Fan | Compatible with Zorro

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Product Description:

Elevate Your Remote Control Experience with Adelaide Micro Drones Adelaide Micro Drones, the leading authority in advanced RC technology, proudly presents the Ranger Micro 2.4GHz ELRS Module. This cutting-edge module, featuring a robust 1W output and swift F-1000Hz refresh rates, represents the pinnacle of ELRS technology. Tailored for compatibility with top-tier radios like the Radio Master Zorro, Adelaide Micro Drones ensures that you have access to the latest in ELRS advancements.

Optimized Performance and Reliable Connectivity

  • Advanced Cooling System: Keep performance at its peak with a high-efficiency cooling system designed for demanding RC scenarios.
  • Seamless Integration: With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, the Ranger Micro ELRS Module promotes ease of updates and connectivity.
  • Precision Control: Packet rates soar up to F-1000Hz, offering meticulous control for precision flying.
  • Adjustable Power Output: Customize your power settings up to 1W for extensive range and signal strength.
  • Antenna Versatility: Comes standard with a T-antenna for optimal signal dispersion and offers an optional MOXON antenna for focused directional use.

Specifications Tailored for Enthusiasts

  • Item: Ranger Nano ELRS Module, brought to you by Adelaide Micro Drones.
  • Dual MCU Configuration: Featuring ESP32 and ESP8285 for a responsive and stable experience.
  • RF Chip: The SX1281IMLTRT chip ensures a consistent and reliable frequency range operation.
  • Flexible Packet Rates: Achieve a packet rate of 500Hz or elevate to F-1000Hz with compatible EdgeTX updates.
  • Power Compliance: RF Output Power is adjustable, with a 30dBm maximum for FCC and a 20dBm limit for CE, all configurable via LUA script.
  • Diverse Power Input: XT30 connector accepts a voltage range from DC 6V to 16.8V.
  • Sleek Dimensions: The module remains lightweight and non-intrusive at 48g with the antenna, optimizing your setup's ergonomics.

Adelaide Micro Drones offers the Ranger Micro 2.4GHz ELRS Module for advanced RC flight control. Upgrade to leading technology with cooling, WiFi/Bluetooth, and powerful 1W output.

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