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The must add up hop up addition for the FlyFive33 Tiny Trainer.

This kit to makes it easy to light up like the big quads.

Bottom of Whoop Podlite has pads for adding extra LEDs.

Please select Standard or Pro kit from drop down before adding to cart

Standard Kit Contains:

1x Whoop PodLite
4x Femto8 Lite w/ Connectors
4x Short LED wires
3.49 Grams

Pro Kit Contains: (adds LED's to bottom of arms)

1x Whoop PodLite
4x Femto8 Lite w/ Connectors
Femto 8 Lite LEDs (solder type)
4x Short LED wires
Pro Kit: (add LEDs to bottom of arms.)
1x 3a 5v regulator
1x 2' Addressable LED wire kit
5.9 Grams

Betaflight Setup.

Here is a quick CLI command config for LEDS

# feature
feature LED_STRIP
# led
led 0 2,3::C:1
led 1 3,3::C:1
led 2 4,3::C:1
led 3 5,3::C:1
led 4 6,3::C:1
led 5 7,3::C:1
led 6 8,3::C:1
led 7 7,5::C:10
led 8 8,6::C:10
led 9 9,7::C:10
led 10 10,8::C:10
led 11 11,9::C:10
led 12 12,10::C:10
led 13 13,11::C:10
led 14 14,12::C:10

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